Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sermon on the Mount Saturday 2012

Hello Project Ezra! Our fourth year of Sermon on the Mount Saturday is this weekend, and we are praying many of you will be able to participate. Sign-ups are starting to come in, and I’m looking forward to seeing many more names added to the list.  We’ve also had a few people ask to join the group recently, which is always a huge encouragement.  If you are one of them, we are very happy to have you!
The chapters are Matthew 5 through 7, so as usual for our larger readings, I would like to encourage you to divide up the reading and invite your believing friends and church family to join you. Many of them likely do not share their faith regularly, if statistics are true, and most have probably never shared their faith publicly. This is a great opportunity to encourage them to step outside their comfort zone. If you have already signed up, please post the event info on your Facebook or other social media page, or email it to people you think might be interested. A link to the event page is below, along with our blog’s introduction and history page, for those new to Project Ezra.

As an additional encouragement, I have posted the event report from Mission Good Friday 2012 below. I would love to post these event and testimony reports more frequently, and eventually put together an intro video as well, so the more pictures, videos and reports we get, the better. If you cannot participate, please pray for those who are. Any public evangelism is also spiritual warfare, and prayer support is very necessary. Thanks all, and I’m looking forward to your praise reports!

Remember, although it is great to have many people listening, and we pray for that, there may be one specific person God brought you out to preach to that day. I truly believe this has happened to me multiple times. There have been times our group has met at our usual Starbucks to go out and talk to people, and never made it more than 20 feet because God has given us one witnessing opportunity after  another.  In fact, that’s what happened to our group last Saturday night. The important thing is not the number of tracts you distribute, or how loud you can open-air preach, or that you have immediate and compelling answers for every question that is asked. The important thing is that you give every situation to God, praying for His wisdom and that He will be glorified in all that you do, and then step out in faith and enjoy the privilege of watching Him at work!

All for His glory,

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