Friday, December 20, 2013

True Gift of Christmas 2013 - A Project Ezra Event

Hello all!  I’d like to ask you, and encourage you, to join us for our next Project Ezra reading event, this year’s True Gift of Christmas reading.  For those of you not aware, Project Ezra is a group dedicated to sharing the gospel through the public reading of scripture.  Since we are doing our readings less frequently now, I’m very excited for this reading, which has traditionally been one of our best attended.  Once again, we will be heading out to read the Christmas story.  Most towns and cities have a park, or square, or some common area or special event where people gather to celebrate Christmas (or “The Holidays.”)  Our goal is to gather a group of friends and church family members, a few stacks of tracts and Bibles, and to find a spot where people can gather and listen to the story of the birth of Christ.  So, here are our guidelines:

First, choose a public area near a popular Christmas event. This could be a fair, a parade, outside your local mall on a weekend, or any other place that draws groups of people. You know your area, so pick a place you would want to visit with your friends and family.

Second, get together a group of like-minded believers to participate with you. This is the ideal time to get additional people involved, since the reading will be long and can be easily divided up. Call Christian friends and family, and see about announcing it in church on Sunday.  If you can’t get a group together, then there’s nothing wrong with going by yourself.  Just be wise about time and location.

Bring a small ladder or box to stand on, and consider making a sign stating the name of our group and what you will be reading for listeners who arrive mid-reading. You may or may not use amplification, depending on personal preference and local laws.

Be sure to spend time in prayer as a group before you start!

Read the Christmas story.  The suggested passages, in order, are John 1:1-18, Luke 1:1-80; Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-38, and Matthew 2:1-23.  Consider picking one translation that everyone will read.  It’s not a requirement, but can help the reading flow more smoothly. You also might want to consider printing the reading in larger type and putting in into a binder that can be handed from one participant to another, or bringing a large-print Bible. You can get the whole reading here:
The link leads to Bible Gateway, and you can either just print it online, or cut and paste it to a document program.  This particular link is for ESV, but all you have to do is go to the top of the page, and you can select you Bible version of choice.  It will change to the whole passage to that version.  If you will be out in the evening, be sure to consider the lighting level too.  You may need a reading light.

If you have a more experienced open-air preacher in your group (or even if you don’t) consider following the reading with a simple gospel presentation

Make sure you have plenty of tracts and bibles to hand out!
When should you do your reading?  Anytime between now and New Years is fine.  People will still be in the Christmas spirit, the decorations will still be up, so there will still be a
The official Facebook event is up here: and we are putting this note to our blog as so you have someplace to send your friends for more info. Please let us know your thoughts, be sure to RSVP the event.  We look forward to lots of pictures, video, and stories!

All for His glory,