Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sermon on the Mount Saturday 2014

Sermon on the Mount Saturday 2014
Hello Project Ezra!  It’s almost time for this year’s Sermon on the Mount Saturday.  It kind of snuck up on me this year (again), but I will still be reading the Sermon on the Mount this Friday and Saturday outside a local anime convention, and pray you all will participate in your neighborhood, and invite your believing friends to participate as well.  The mission is this:

Invite a few friends to join you in taking to the streets this Saturday

Choose a spot with good foot traffic, or where people gather

Climb up on a bench, box, ladder, or something else that elevates you

Read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), and share the truth of the gospel

Be ready with tracts and Bibles for the follow-up conversations that follow!

There are lots of different places you could go for this reading.  A local park, particularly one with picnic tables (which are very likely to be used this weekend), a downtown shopping area (lots of sales going on), or near sporting events or parades are all excellent places to read the word.  Find a spot that allows many people to hear, but try to avoid blocking foot traffic or setting up right in the middle of someone's event.  The message of the gospel is offensive enough.  We don't want our personal behavior to add to the offense.

The Sermon on the Mount is one of those passages in scripture that I believe provides very easy jumping-off points into the gospel, and I would suggest that you read through the Sermon on the Mount, and spend some time considering what you should focus on.  I will be posting some suggested springboard as well in the next day or two, but there is no substitute for spending time in prayer and meditation on the God’s word.  Consider reading through it once or twice a day, as part of your devotional time, and praying for God’s leading.

If you will be participating, be sure to join our Facebook event (see below), and pass it on to your believing friends through social media.  I look forward to hearing what God does through you this weekend.

All for His glory,