Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Norcal Fire Biblical Evangelism Conference - This July in California

What is Norcal Fire?

Norcal Fire is a conference with two primary purposes: to train believers in Christ to glorify God by sharing the gospel faithfully and Biblically, and to get them fired up to warn the lost of the fire to come.  It is free of charge, and we would like to encourage you to come, and to invite your friends and church family to attend as well.

Where: Campbell First Baptist

When: July 20th (Friday evening) and 21st (All day, followed by evening outreach)

Who:    The event is coordinated by the Norcal Seedsowers evangelism team, a multi-church, multi-denominational public evangelism ministry based in the greater Silicon Valley area.  We are presenting the conference in partnership with Striving for Eternity and our sister conference, Jersey Fire.  Our speakers this year will be:

Andrew Rappaport – Pastor and founder of Striving for Eternity Ministries, Andrew is a very active street preacher and evangelism trainer, and the primary organizer for Jersey Fire.

Tony “The Lawman” Miano – Tony, a twenty-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department, is the director of the Ambassador’s Alliance, a branch of Living Waters, best known for The Way of the Master TV show.  Tony also co-hosts a daily web show with Ray Comfort called On The Box.  He has for the last four years been the director of the Ambassador’s Academy, an evangelism boot camp that now has nearly 1000 graduates.

Jeff Rose – Jeff is a full time missionary preacher and evangelist, and founder of Jeremiah Cry Ministries.  He has been involved in public evangelism for a number of years, including leading short term street ministry mission trips to the UK and Jamaica.  He was also featured in the documentaries Go, Stand, Speak, and Street Preacher, A Day in the Life.

Not only do we want to help equip you to share your faith, but we are committed to helping you take the next step, by asking you to join us on the streets after the conference, or by helping you to find a seasoned public evangelist in your area, who can continue to encourage you and mentor you in taking the gospel to those who desperately need it, for the glory of God.  So we pray we will see you this July.  This is an event that could very well change your life and your Christian walk forever!

To register, visit
Donations to support the conference can be sent through PAYPAL

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