Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Week's Suggested Reading - Psalm 51

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Suggested reading for week of February 6th
Psalm 51

This week’s Project Ezra suggested reading is Psalm 51. We actually read this passage last year as part of a larger reading, but there is so much depth to it that I thought we should read it again. This chapter shows so clearly why David was called a man after God’s own heart. Following his sin with Bathsheba, David showed a true recognition of his sin and a truly repentant heart before God. THIS is the kind of prayer you want to hear from someone to show they have a true understanding of repentance and faith in Christ. It is a “sinner’s prayer” in the truest sense of the word. David not only acknowledges his sin, but understands that sin is primarily against God (vs. 4). His heart is broken before God (vs. 17), as ours should be.

Another thing that struck me regarding this passage is the obvious passion coming from David. He poured his heart into it. I pray that we will have even a fraction of that passion in our own readings. The reading of the word of God should never be flat or emotionally anemic. Read the passage several times before you head out to read it publicly, so you have a sense of the flow and emotional content. I’m not talking about just adding drama to the reading, but understanding as much as you can the intent of the passage so you can add your heart to it. I am currently reading a book called Soul Winner by Spurgeon (I highly recommend it!) and he describes it this way:

The genuine soulwinner knows what this means. For my own part, when the Lord helps me to preach, after I have delivered all my matter and have fired off my shot so fast that my gun has grown hot, I have often rammed my soul into the gun and fired my heart at the congregation. This discharge has, under God, won the victory.

I believe that it is this kind of intensity, this kind of genuine love for the lost and desire to see them saved, that we must pour into every reading we do. We are sharing words of life, so show that you care about and believe what you are reading. If you are not excited about reading God’s word, those listening are not likely to be excited about hearing it.

All for His glory!


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  1. Tony,

    What an amazing event. No doubt you run into these people who are bothered in their consciences enough to even attack you. I am praying for your safety and am very blessed at your steadfast love in the face or persecution. It is more than I feel I could do, but I am encouraged, because I know soon, here in America, it will cost us our life to do what we do now, much like it costs believers their lives in other countries in our current, and modern world today.

    God's blessings and protection on you Tony,

    Roy Cadow


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