Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project Ezra - Valentine's Day Readings

Project Ezra
Suggested readings for week of February 13th

Hello all. It is such a blessing to be part of Project Ezra. I hope this group continues to bless you all as it does me. If so, share it with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Invite them to join you, whether it’s just to pray, to use a digital or video camera to record your reading, or to participate. This world is hungry for truth, and most people have no idea where to find it. Let’s get out there and share it with them. If you ever get discouraged, remember that you never know who is listening to you read, and how the Holy Spirit may be working in their heart through your reading. If no one listens, God is still glorified through the reading of his word, but don’t be surprised if someone, or several someones, are waiting to talk to you when you’re done.

This week I’ve selected several passages for the reading, which are listed below. You can read one, several, or all of them. All deal with the subject of love, and God’s love in particular, but focus on God’s love as shown by his grace. There is a wonderful message on YouTube from the founder of our group, Tony Miano, talking about the most important word in the bible: propitiation. Truly the greatest example of love that we can see, or even imagine, is the love of God through the gift of his son, who provided the bloody sacrifice of Jesus Christ as just punishment, as propitiation, for our sins. Those who don’t know Christ like to think of God as “all loving”, generally meaning they think he will choose to ignore their sins. But a just and holy God could never ignore evil. He must punish it. The people we share the gospel with need to understand the depth of their own sin and the necessity of punishment for that sin. Hell is what we all deserve, but Jesus Christ willingly went to the cross to pay that penalty, and then rose on the third day defeating death and hell. When people see this, then they will see how amazing grace really is.

If you don’t have much experience sharing the gospel, I would highly suggest listening to or watching Hell’s Best Kept Secret by Ray Comfort. It will help give you a framework to biblically share the gospel. You can watch it here:
Hell's Best Kept Secret

Also, consider watching “The Most Important Word in the Bible” here:

All for His glory!

Dan B.

Psalm 36
The transgression of the wicked
The steadfast love of God

Romans 5:1-11
Justified by faith, peace with God through Jesus Christ
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us

1 John 3:11-24
Love one another
We know God’s love because he laid down his life for us
Believe in Jesus’ name and love one another

1 John 4:7-21
Let us love one another
God loved us and send his Son as propitiation for our sins
Love is perfected in us when God abides in us

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