Monday, December 7, 2009

Living Waters Slashes Ambassadors Academy Registration By 50%

At Living Waters, we love the Ambassadors' Academy. It is so unique. We have seen more than 560 people receive three full days of intensive evangelism training, and this has resulted in the lives of Christians and churches being radically changed, for the glory of God.

It is because we see evangelism as the life's-blood of this ministry, that we have been diligent to keep the fee (hotel costs, food, transport, etc.) to a bare minimum. We did this to make it affordable. However, the economy has hindered many from being part of this experience. We have, therefore, decided to subsidize the cost and bring it down from $600 to $300. It is truly a step of faith for us as a ministry.

Needless to say, we anticipate a great response to this news. So, apply today to attend one of the six Ambassadors' Academies in 2010, and, please, encourage others to do the same!

150,000 people die every day. Those who enter eternity without knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will spend eternity in hell. The continued training of evangelists is vital to the furtherance of the gospel. Join us in this eternally-important work while there is still time.


Note: You will notice on the application page that the registration price is still listed at $600. That will change soon. I'm so excited about this announcement that I couldn't wait for Brad Snow, Living Waters' web designer, to change the graphics on the site. :-)

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