Monday, April 1, 2013

Mission Good Friday 2013 Outreach Report

Hello Project Ezra Family and Friends!

 We were so privileged to have so many of you join us for Mission Good Friday 2013, the fifth anniversary of the event that started Project Ezra.  This year, as then, brothers and sisters in Christ from around the country and the world went out into their local communities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through the public reading of scripture.  I wanted to share just a few of the stories and pictures of some of our participants, and particularly some of those who broke the sound barrier, preaching or reading open-air for the first time.  There were many more that could not be included, but I pray these will be a blessing, particularly for those of you who many be considering participating in the future. 

Markham, Texas

The first picture and account is from pastor Damon Rambo.  He said - Well, because we live in a small town (just over 500 people), we did our Good Friday reading a day early. The only place in our town that people gather (besides the church) is the elementary school, which is across the street. No school today, so we set up yesterday with a big amp, and a stack of tracts. People from our church came out, and set up the story of Easter, via displays, from Palm Sunday to the empty tomb, so that the parents who lined up in cars would get a visual of the entire account. I stood on a five foot tall ladder, and read, while everyone else spoke to the people in the cars and passed out tracts. We passed out about 80 (which considering that is 1/8 the population of the town, is not bad!). It went very well, and we are planning on doing it again next Easter.

Virginia Beach, VA

Our Virginia Beach team headed out to Town Point Center to read.  Team member Chris Jones tells us - Went out to the Virginia Beach Town Center (in Virginia Beach, VA) with several other evangelists and many folks new to going out on the streets for mission Good Friday. Four people read the the Word of God for the first time!

Several of the ladies also shared through music.


Dallas, Texas

Wally Austin and his team headed out the the Westend DART station in Dallas, and he had the privilege of seeing his granddaughter Emily Jenkins break the sound barrier!

Las Vegas, Nevada  

Chris Raymond shared about his team's experience on the strip in Vegas.  This is his friend Tony Chavez preaching for the first time.  Chris says - All praise, honor and glory to God alone for the blessing of reading His word tonight. The Lord provided four brothers to herald His gospel and another three to hand out tracts. Two brothers broke the Sound barrier after the reading of Mathew 26-28, glory to God. The mockers were out in force tonight with one in particular that hung around for a good two hours and did a verbal drive-by about every ten minutes. He was seething at the gospel and may have taken a swing if it was not for the present of brethren and the grace of God. Spiritual warfare is alive and well in the sinful hearts of man but praise be to God for His indescribable Gift of Jesus Christ the Lord. Glory to God, He is risen!

LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Ryan Woodhouse, another one of our regular participants, invited Eric to join him.  His caption for this picture says - Brother Eric reading from Matthew 26 today as part of Project Ezra. His 1st time reading open air!

Huntsville, AL

Paul Harvey shared - We spent the morning at the Madison County Courthouse, and Big Spring Park in Huntsville, AL. This picture is my friend Jeff breaking the sound barrier for the first time preaching Matthew 26,27, and 28. Praise the Lord!

Winchester, Kentucky

Steven Stanley reported in from Kentucky, and shared this picture.  He said - My dear brother in Christ, Ward, breaking the sound barrier for the first time! Between both of us His Word was heralded and His Gospel proclaimed. All Glory to Christ! Thanks for all the prayers.

Calgary, Alberta

And finally, Project Ezra faithful Kevin St. John reported in from Canada - Donita Marshall proclaimed the word in the open air for the first time. Matthew 26-28 was heralded!

There are so many more stories that could be shared, and every one of them is encouraging.  But I pray that you will be more than encouraged.  I pray that you will be motivated and convicted.  And I pray that very soon, perhaps for our next event, we will be sharing your story.  As you can see from the map below, there is still plenty of space to be filled.  And God is glorified every time His word is proclaimed.  So join us in lifting high the name of the one true God in your community.  You will never be the same!

Dan B.

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