Friday, April 6, 2012

Mission Good Friday 12 - My Pieces of Silver

Last night I was reading through Matthew 26, which coincidentally came up as one of my reading plan chapters, and I was once again struck by the truth of what I would be outside of Christ.  I read about Judas preparing to betray Jesus and thought about my own pieces of silver. How many times have I chosen little bits of shiny metal with no true value in place of the true treasure of knowing and obeying God.  How many things have I used to replace God’s goodness, things that promise pleasure and fulfillment and comfort and security, but will never satisfy.  How many times, like Peter, have I turned my back and denied Christ when things got tough, and then run weeping when I realized my betrayal.  Yet despite those things, Jesus still went to the cross and had His blood spilled, no, spilled His OWN blood, on my account, to pay my sin debt, and the debts of so many other.  What amazing love that is!  What an incredible God we serve!

Starting today, people around the world will be reading Matthew 26-28 aloud and sharing this amazing truth with anyone willing to listen.  Do you know this truth?  Have you come to know the God who created everything that exists, and yet was willing to humble Himself and suffer for the sins of His creation?  If you do, who do you know that doesn’t know Him?  Let’s pray fervently today for the souls that God has not yet saved, and for the courage and the wisdom, and the filling of the Spirit, so that we may be able to speak to them.  And lets lift our hearts to Him in thanksgiving for the life He has given.  There is no greater privilege that we can have on this earth than that of worshiping and praising our God, and no greater act of worship than bringing sinners to the foot of His cross.

So join us.  Let the truth of Christ’s sacrificial love spur you to action.  Take you Bible, find a public place, and lift you voice in the name of the one who saved us.  So many people are walking in blindness, and don’t even know what they are looking for.  But the gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and through the word their blind eyes can be opened!  The time is short so don’t delay.  Preach God’s word, and pray that the lost will be found, and blind eyes will see today.

All for His glory!

Check out the participation map here:

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