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Project Ezra Participation Report - August 2011

Every once in a while I like to post a few testimonies, pictures, and videos from those who participate in Project Ezra. Hopefully they will be an encouragement to you all, and will be something you can pass on to friends and church family so they get an idea of what Project Ezra is really about.

Tyron Piteau –Vancouver, BC, Canada

It’s always a huge encouragement when we hear that someone has “broken the sound barrier,” preaching in the open air for the first time. Tyron shared a few reactions on our Facebook page.
I just did my first open-air preaching and to sum it up, I'd say it was interesting to say the least. Boy is it like fireworks out there or what!

It didn't go as well as I would have thought the first couple hours, however the last hour was much better as we were able to draw a crowd and were finally able to preach the entire gospel. We also had a few hecklers so I was prepared on how to handle them through what I've learned from you guys.

Each reading will be different. Even if you don’t see immediate results, don’t be discouraged. Trust in the Lord. His word will not return void.

Here Aaron Womack shares the gospel on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, just a short distance from the White House. Tourist areas can be great for open-air preaching and tract distribution, and give you the opportunity to share with people not only from your own community, but from all over the country and sometimes the world.

Diane Durand Jackson – Zamora, Spain

Diane, a US native, is presently serving as a missionary in Spain. No matter what the location, the word of God is powerful, and the preaching of the gospel is God’s means of bringing men to salvation.

Thanks for your prayer support. This was the scene on our walking street in Spain tonight. We use the narrowest point to take advantage of the echo.
It’s always a good idea to try to use the natural elements to your advantage, and pick your spot carefully. Even if you have a small voice and can’t use amplification, you would be surprised how far the message will carry. And no matter what, God will bring exactly the people who need to hear the message.

Willem Pretorius – South Africa

Willem says - Finally did it - OA'd in the very rural town (cows walk in the road) close to Badplaas. Read Psalm 19:7-14 and John 17, doing some lay expository preaching here and there. Went through the The Law and asked a few times if the people died today where would they spend eternity? Spoke to a long line of people trying to withdraw money from a ATM. No one said anything, but a few seemed to listen. Please pray they understood (it's largely a Swazi speaking area and I had no translator) and that God's Word would ploughed heart to fall, grow into and bear much fruit. Thank you.

You don’t have to preach in a busy city or draw huge crowds. You just need to be faithful. God will be glorified in the preaching of His word, even if no one listens. And consider this. If you preached every day for the rest of your life, and only one person repented and trusted in Christ, would that be worth it? YES! The privilege of seeing even ONE soul saved is worth every minute of our time, every penny in our bank account, and every drop of blood in our veins!

Tim Rector – New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

Tim is one of our most consistent, dedicated participants, and his praise reports are always an encouragement.

Thank you all for your prayers. Praise the Lord! Read John 17 and then John 8: 58-59 (listened to MacArthur preach on Jesus as Lord on the way). Today the Lord used my weaknes to exhibit His power! I had no charisma, no fancy words, just Christ. I couldn't find my vocabulary, but many people in the crowed park listened and engaged. I had a lady mock and yell at me that she was afraid, and without emotion I warned her of how fearful she will be if she stands before God with only her sin. Many people gathered, and afterward a man named Deet approached me in tears. He told me he loves the Lord but he has been struggling with His sovereignty lately. Another Romanian man came and blessed me, as his little daughter translated much of what he said. He told me his wife listened and what she heard was true. They are believers and together we praised God! Then a little Hispanic girl, about 5 years old came and gave me a frozen bottle of water and a cup of potato chips. Her parents, also believers, wanted to do that. Praise God for His tender mercy. He uses us in our weakness brothers! I had nothing to offer anyone, but God provides everything! Jesus Christ is Lord! Hallelujah!

This is fellow Ambassador’s Academy graduate Melissa Burdett lifting her voice and sharing the truth while standing atop a Dune Buggy at the Wooster Car Show in Wooster, Ohio.

And finally, Project Ezra founder Tony Miano at the Burbank Media Center in Burbank, California, USA. Although I write outlines every week, you are not obligated to follow those outlines. If you find something else in the chapter that you feel convicted to preach on, that’s fine. If you have a completely different chapter you would like to preach on or read, that’s fine too. The goal is to step out of your comfort zone, be faithful to God’s call, and preach His gospel.

Thank you for being part of Project Ezra. Let you believing friends know about the group, and encourage them to participate too. The harvest is plentiful, and the workers truly are few.

All for His glory,

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