Monday, June 6, 2011

Project Ezra 6/3/11 - 2 Peter 1 on the Pier in Santa Monica, CA

Hello Project Ezra! Sorry for the delay in posting last week's reading. As many of you know, I had the privilege of serving as a team leader for the Way of the Master Ambassador's Academy this last weekend. It was an amazing experience, but the days were long and I didn't get the computer time I needed to finish. However, Brad Snow from Living Waters was kind enough to video tape me doing my reading and preaching on the Santa Monica Pier in Southern California. I hope this will be an encouragement, and that you will be able to use this outline for future readings.

All for His glory,

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  1. My daughter Hailey and I went out this past Saturday to read 2 Peter 1 at speakers corner in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. That day Hailey really wanted to come with me. The part of Kitchener where we were going to read is a rough part of town, and with her recent spinal surgery I've been very protective of her, but I decided she could come.

    When we got to the corner as usual there were lots of people in the city square. I read 2 Peter 1 and had the typical mix of reactions from passerby's. Then I challenging listeners to consider Who, the Bible says, God is as their Creator. They received a full presentation of the law and gospel.

    We heard "Amens" and cursing too; Hailey stood about 3 feet from my left side. As I preached the cross of Jesus Christ as being the only hope for any person, a thug looking guy and his girlfriend (both shaved heads), walked by and began shouting profanities and blasphemous comments about the Lord.

    I told them I understood their hatred. I told them I hated God too when I was a lost sinner. I told them it is their sin that is causing them to choose to deny the Lord. They began pacing like caged monkeys about 50 feet off to my left.

    The girlfriend went behind me and said she was going to get her Bible and burn it; the boyfriend was storming around with his cell phone to his head, yelling that he was calling the hospital to come and get me because it was clear I was crazy... I love irony :-).

    The boyfriend then began blowing a rape whistle as loud as he could as he continued to pace toward Hailey and I, trying to halt the presentation of God's truth. As I continued to preach, they were fuming, but I remember praying to the Lord that I would stay in His Spirit and love them.

    A short time later I noticed that the streets that were bustling only a few minutes earlier seemed empty. The thug and his girlfriend stood at a post about 50 feet from our left still shouting and pacing, when they were met by two more thugs; and these guys looked rough.

    As I continued to preach, and pray, I saw them conversing and staring at Hailey and I with utter hatred. Suddenly I felt it was very important that I stop preaching, but stay on the step, and take a drink of water. Hailey, very afraid asked, "what are you doing Dad"? I told her not to worry, I was just taking a drink of water.

    Just then the biggest of the thugs, cigarette in hand, began to approach us. Hailey shrunk right in beside me. As he walked toward us he would not make eye contact. He spit on the sidewalk, took his right hand and rubbed his sweaty face, and then walked directly to me and held out his hand as if he wanted to shake mine.

    In a constant state of prayer at this point, I felt that the Lord had told me not to shake his hand; so I didn't. He then positioned himself about 1 foot away from me to my right side. He was very close, and I actually cannot remember a word that was said between us while he stood there. All I can recall is that I was praying that the Lord would protect Hailey. I was praying that if this guy attacked me that I would not fall on Hailey because her spine is very vulnerable right now.

    I knew I had to stand on that step though, for as long as it took. I could feel the tension rising as the seconds passed into what seemed like many minutes. I bowed my head and begged God to get us out of the situation, and when I looked up, across the intersection I saw a lady Police Officer riding on a bicycle, going the opposite direction.

    I immediately called out, "officer"! As soon as I did that the guy to my right ran toward his cohorts, and they left. Since Saturday, I have prayed for those thugs. But I've also been struggling with other issues about that encounter. The Lord in His sovereignty will determines when we die; but am I ready to be obedient even if it risks the lives of my family? That's a very heavy question. While I know I have a lot of growing up to do, praise God that He saved us from harm that day!



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