Friday, April 22, 2011

Mission Good Friday 2011 – Matthew 26-28

Mission Good Friday is here, and it’s exciting to see that many of our regular participants, as well as a number of new folks, joining us for our third anniversary. I won’t give a lot of notes on the chapters this week. The passage is the heart of the gospel, so there is little need to look for springboards into a gospel presentation. The whole passage is a springboard. However, I would encourage you to really spend some time reading through the passage itself, so that you feel comfortable with it, prior to your reading. I would also encourage you to think and pray about who it was who was on the cross and what that sacrifice truly meant.

Have you ever caught yourself referring to Jesus or the Father in such a way that you seem to separate them from each other completely? I know I have. Now, there are distinctions within the Godhead, and Jesus and the Father are identified as separate persons in scripture. However, I spent some time looking at some of the stronger passages regarding Christ’s deity in other areas of the New Testament, and they are powerful. The list I went through is below. I think they are a good reminder for us, and the truth they proclaim may be new and revolutionary to many people who hear your reading and preaching. This list is in no way exhaustive. But I hope it will help strengthen your testimony in this particular area.

So preach Christ not only as a good example of self sacrifice, but as He truly is. He is the creator, sustainer and Lord of all that exists, the alpha and the omega. And He is also both the judge of our souls and the author of our salvation. What a great God we serve!

John 1:1-18
Colossians 1:15-20, 2:8-15
Acts 2:22-36
Hebrews 1
Revelation 1:12-18, 22:12-16
Isaiah 53

All for His glory,

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