Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Reading, the Academy, and Revelation 3

Greetings Project Ezra! This week we will be reading Revelation chapter 3, which compares several of the end times churches. It discusses their reputations and outward appearances with those true, Godly perseverance and faith. It is a lesson that applies directly to many modern churches and church members, so I pray it will be a blessing to those who hear it.

Several of the statements at the beginning are based on ideas I frequently use when sharing my faith. I’m sure you’ve all met people who are disgusted by what they perceive as hypocrites in the church, and some who think all Christians are hypocrites (which is true to a point, since we all sin). However, no belief system should be measured by it’s abuse, but by the truth or falsehood of it’s basic claims. We want people who hear us to realize that either the word of God is true, or it’s not, regardless of any bad experiences in that person’s past, and regardless of whether they like your method of sharing the Gospel. The Gospel should always be about the message, never about the messenger.

We are getting closer to our True Gift of Christmas reading. Once again, for those of you who did not participate last year, the goal for this reading is to gather a team, head out to a public area in your city or town, preferably where Christmas or other holiday events are taking place, and read the gospel of John, front to back. It may seem a bit daunting to read such a large chunk of scripture, and you can certainly read a shorter portion if you are out solo, but I would encourage you to put together a group to do the entire reading if at all possible. It will not only be a blessing to those who hear, but an encouragement to you and the others that participate as well. The links below are reports from some of the teams from last year. Please take a chance to look through them if you can.

If you are already committed to participating in the True Gift of Christmas, thank you for being part of this special event! If you are on Facebook, please go to the event page here:!/group.php?gid=103701805742
and let us know you will be part of the event, and post your location so we can put a map together.

Finally, I would encourage you all to consider attending the Ambassador’s Academy in 2011. This 3 day evangelism boot camp, which takes place in the Los Angeles area and is taught Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron and the rest of the Way of the Master/Living Waters team, was an absolutely life-changing experience for me and many others. Whether you are an experienced street evangelist or someone who may be trying public evangelism, perhaps through Project Ezra, for the first time, you will come away from the Academy equipped and encouraged to share your faith like never before. You can take a look at the promotional video here:
and feel free to contact me directly if you had any questions or needed any further information.

For the praise of His glory,


Read Revelation 3

This message is not about me, so edit me out of this picture

This is not about my opinion, your opinion, or the opinion of anyone else you have spoken with.

I’m praying you will put these secondary things aside, and take a moment to look reality in the face, and see who you really are.

When you die, your reputation won’t matter. The mask you have shown to others and have hidden behind won’t matter. Only the truth will be left.

So listen to this revelation, received by John, regarding the end of the world, and see if you fit into one these churches.

God said to the church of Sardis, that they had the reputation of being alive, but were dead.

The people in Sardis had heard God’s word, but He indicates they had not repented. They knew the truth, but had not acted upon it in true, life-changing repentance.

Is your name written in the Lamb’s book of life, or are you play-acting?

If you know the truth, act on it!

God said to the church in Laodicea that since they were neither hot nor cold, He would spit (or vomit) them out of His mouth.

The Laodiceans were going through the motions. They looked OK, and professed to believe and to be good, but their lives were not real. Be real!

The true Christian life is one of zeal! If you are a believer, live like you believe it! Talk like you believe it! Walk like you believe it!

If you don’t really believe it, own up to the fact and live your life in honesty.

Professions on faith or empty actions will not save you. We are not saved by our works, but by repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 20:21)

What is repentance? It means to turn to change your direction, and in this case to turn from sin.

Sins moral crimes against a holy God, a God who is just and must punish sin


We are guilty before God, but He demonstrated His love in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.


If you have repented and trusted Christ alone, it doesn’t mean every problem in your life will be fixed. But it does mean that, like the church of Philadelphia, you will have your name written in heaven, and through God’s power you will be able to patiently endure. God is faithful, and by His grace He will carry you through this life, and bring you into a right relationship with Him in the next life.

150,000 people die every day, most unexpectedly. Don’t presume on God’s patience. Please repent and trust in Christ while He has given you time.


  1. Hi Daniel, I preached Rev 3 and used parts of your notes at the Orlando Women's Center abortion mill this morning. We had a mommy choose life too! What a blessing this ministry is. We thank God for you always!


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