Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting Ready for First John on July Fourth

Greetings Project Ezra brothers and sisters. We are just a few days away from First John on July Fourth. So far we have about 70 people signed up to participate, which is fantastic, but if you are not committed to participating, please prayerfully consider doing so. Millions of people will be out on the streets this weekend, celebrating the gift of freedom, but having no idea what true freedom is. True freedom comes only through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and there are many believers around the world who endure incredible persecution every day who are far more free than most people that we meet.

As preparation for your reading, or even if you will not be reading, I would encourage you to read through First John daily, and spend some time considering what you have read. The book is only five chapters long, so even if you read slowly, it shouldn’t take you much time to get through it. You might also consider consulting a good bible commentary, which can give you an understanding of the background and themes of the book. Sharing God’s word is an amazing privilege, and we want to make sure that whatever message we share after our reading is drawn from the text, not imposed on the text. And, of course, pray daily that God will provide wisdom, humility, protection from spiritual attack, favor with the authorities, and divine appointments.

If you are a member any social networking sites (most of us are probably members of several), please put up a link to our Facebook group or blog site. The web addresses are below, along with the link to our participation map.

Facebook Group


Google Participation Map

All for His glory!!



  1. Praise Jesus. Let's be good servants and share His Word this week!

  2. Daniel,

    Preach On! Ministries team in Athens, GA is in. We will be in downtown Athens tonight, fireworks Friday night, and I am going to try to get another reading in Monday if possible. Praying for all involved. To God be the glory!

    Christ is King!


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