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Suggested readings for week of April 10th - Hebrews 1

Project Ezra
Suggested readings for week of April 10th
Hebrews 1

Hello Project Ezra brothers and sisters. This week’s reading, Hebrews 1, is an amazing statement of Christ’s deity. Even among those who would call them selves “Christian” I have met some, as I’m sure many of you have, who would call Jesus the son of God, but not God the Son. This chapter thoroughly destroys that argument. Jesus is shown as God in his very nature, as the creator and sustainer of all that exists. The realization that the creator also became our savior through his death on the cross is awe-inspiring.

There are several themes that, either combined or individually, would make excellent springboards into sharing the gospel:

Verse 3 – Jesus made purification for sins. Talk about the nature of sin and how Jesus accomplished that purification.

Verse 9 – God’s love of righteousness and hatred of wickedness. This flies in the face of the Jesus most people believe in, the one who smiles at their sin. God hates wickedness. How does our behavior measure up? 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 would be an excellent follow-up or addition to this.

Verses 2 and 10 – Jesus as creator of all. If Jesus created it, he owns it, and we are responsible to him. This is a good verse for those who think they are totally autonomous from God and have the right to do whatever they please with no consequences.

Verse 8 – Jesus as Lord and sovereign. As with verses 2 and 10, this is a very different view of God than many people are used to. God is not only worthy of our love because of his incredible gift of grace, but is worthy of our awe and reverence simply because of who he is, and if we are wise we ought to take his commands seriously.

I pray this will be helpful in your preparations to share the word. Please remember to lift up your brothers and sisters in prayer this weekend as they are reading the word in public around the world. If you have not posted your location recently to be added to our participation map, please post your location on the wall of the Project Ezra Participation Map event.

All for His glory!


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