Friday, March 5, 2010

Suggested readings for week of March 6th

Project Ezra
Suggested readings for week of March 6th
Jeremiah 10

Hello Project Ezra! This week’s reading, and particularly the earlier portions, contrasts false gods with the true God, giving characteristics of both. It specifically mentions idols of other countries and cultures, idols made of gold and silver who have no power, in contrast with the true God who made the heavens and the earth. I believe it would be safe to say that whether you live here in the States, in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zeland, Asia or Africa (we have Project Ezra members in all those places) idolatry is epidemic and takes many forms. Foreign gods here seem to frequently be a sign of cultural diversity and tolerance, and many people will pick a religion more for it’s popularity and it’s trappings than for it’s truth. Faith systems like Buddhism and Wicca have become almost trendy, and it’s amazing the new surge of interest in Islam AFTER the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, likely due to the media bending over backwards to NOT blame Islam in general for the attacks, in the name of political correctness. All of these facts of course circle back to the question of what people are believing in to save them, and why? Just like the pieces of wood covered with gold or silver that are mentioned in Jeremiah 10, none of these belief systems can save. None can deal with our biggest problem, our sinful state before a holy God. So, ask people what they are depending on. An idol? The sayings of a man or woman who is now dead and gone? The prayers of a dead saint? Their own goodness? Or are they depending on the Living God, the one God who not only gave us his law but, knowing we would not be able to keep it, provided a solution in his own blood? I pray that is helpful

We are now coming close to a full year of Project Ezra. Those of you who have been with us from the beginning will remember Mission Good Friday, the first Project Ezra event conceived by Tony Miano. Well, we are now approaching Good Friday and Easter once again, and I’m praying this will be a time for a new surge of interest and participation in Project Ezra. As last year we will be reading Matthew chapters 26 through 28. I would encourage you to invite two people who have never participated before to join you and each read a chapter. I will post more information on the event soon and put up an event page, put you might want to start thinking about who to invite and talking to them now. The idea of reading or sharing the gospel aloud in public takes some getting used to, but I’m sure every one of us knows a couple of people who love the Lord but who have not been active in publicly sharing their faith. Talk to them, tell them about Project Ezra and what we do, and invite them to join you. You might be surprised who says yes!

All for His glory!


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