Monday, November 2, 2009

This Week's Project Ezra Suggested Reading - Ecclesiastes 3


  1. I've done open air a couple of times before in the past, and the most difficult thing was opening my mouth and start talking. This is my first time doing Project Ezra, and I must say, reading the Bible out loud made it a lot easier. I still got nerveous but I did it anyway, and when I was done reading Ecclesiastes 3 I just went into a gospel presentation without even thinking.

  2. Project Ezra has really encouraged me to do open air. God has been convicting me about it for a while now and I finally obeyed a few weeks ago! Like Jason said the most difficult thing was starting, but once I got started God calmed my nerves and it went great!

    This was my third time of going out and doing open air. I had been doing it alone because I didn’t have anyone to go out with me to the college on lunch, but I have now found another person to go with me sometimes! He went with me last time and videotaped me doing the open air. I have included a link to the video below.

    Since I have actually obeyed God and started doing open air, God has really opened up some new opportunities for evangelism for me! It is awesome to see God work and to be blessed to have the freedom to glorify God and spread the Gospel!



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