Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Roy Breaks the Sound Barrier

Project Ezra member Roy Cadow's first first time reading the Gospel in the open air. Great job Roy!


  1. Lol Reading with few people in earshot. I love it...and live it almost every weekend. Sometimes it's not who hears, but instead, your obedience to public reading. You got further than I did that weekend before I was shut down. Thanks for being obedient!

    Monte Bartek

  2. Great Job on the reading of this passage Roy. What a Glory to the name of our God and master. I've only been reading (project ezra) for about a month now and I have found it a great way to go into the law and the Gospel. I hava open aired lots of times but I really like to read a passage first and then open air. Just remember that even though they don't look like there listen to you read and preach they are some who are and that we are out there to preach and bring Glory to God. Thanks Warren D. from Riverside Ca.

  3. Great job Roy! Don't ever quit!!!! You've got a great voice for this.

  4. From Roy:

    Thank you to all who have posted a comment of encouragment. I went out a a mall yesterday to pass out tracts and share. There were some vendors from Israel and I was able to share about The Lamb of God, the Shama and that Jesus was Immanuel, God with us in the flesh. I also shared with them about the blood of the lamb that Moses put on the door posts during that first passover, or Pasach, and that Jesus is the Lamb of God Who shed His blood for sins. In that I mixed in the 10 Commandments and they confessed they were guilty of breaking the law of Moses. Then I brought them back to the blood, that there is no more temple, and that they can wash in the blood of Yeshua. I believe some very good seeds were planted in their hearts, and they were no doubt amazed a Christian, especially an American one, knew so much about their faith. I am getting fired up and have been reading The Way of the Master and watching some videos. Look out harvest, here comes Roy to the glory of our Lord.

    Thank you folks for posting these most encouraging words.




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